Snow in Delaware by Christi Leeson

Beauty. Science. Ethics.

Avosette Marketing’s work began in 2022 with the dream of creating digital experiences that:

  • Are a pleasure to use – both Visually Appealing and Science-driven
  • Ensure a complete immersive experience for your customers through Experiential Marketing
  • Deliver Priority Goals through UX Science, Research, and Strategy
  • Uplift the social justice and environmental action

A Love of Science and Beauty

Founder Christi Leeson came from a strong visual design background, having been educated at Rhode Island School of Design. Her studies included both website design, video, and animation.

The following decades, saw continuous growth in digital design, storytelling, and social media. The importance of research became quickly evident, leading to a deep dive into the power of UX Strategy and Research.

Christi Leeson, Founder

Christi Leeson, Founder & CEO, Director of Design & UX Strategy

Woman in wheelchair with a smartphone
Diversity in Nature and Outdoors

Prioritizing People, Planet, and Profit

A decades-long background in B-Corps, Nonprofits, Environmental Organizations, as well as Banking and Pharmaceutical organizations grew knowledge of pathways to successfully and enjoyably support inclusivity and social justice and environmental health.

Design for Your Today and Our Tomorrow

Avosette Marketing looks forward to leveraging these skills to benefit your organizational goals while creating a more beautiful, equitable, healthy world for future generations.

Child outdoors with crab by Christi Leeson